About Yeehaa

At Yeehaa Collaborative Consulting, we are convinced that it’s not enough to focus on engagement and performance. When we build learning and collaboration as a way to drive engaged action, progress transforms into performance.

Our experience leading and participating in teams has demonstrated that collaboration can be designed, prototyped, and deliberately practiced in any work context.

Together we have developed an interactive method for creating high reciprocity collaborations, and founded Yeehaa Collaborative Consulting.


is our rally cry. It came to us while thinking about energetic expressions, like “hip hip hurray” and “Eureka”. Yeehaa stands for four dimensions we value: 

  • Choose a direction
  • Decide to cooperate
  • Engage in your tasks enthusiastically
  • Protect and appreciate the core, your people


stems from our conviction that cooperation and coordination are necessary and ecological paths forward. Our partnership is an example of a co-created collaboration between two experiences that bring together management and innovation, strategy and leadership. 


describes the core of what we do. We are advisors, facilitators, and trainers offering our experience in leadership, innovation, management, and strategy. We are also certified coaches. We build bridges between each of these complementary disciplines to create a single, inclusive approach. 

About Us


by Philippe

Cristina is a former Director of Strategy and Innovation for Fortune 1000 firms. I see how she cultivates insights and structures ideas to propose novel yet realistic paths forward, anchoring long-term visions in a clear process and very next steps. She asks real questions – ones that spark reflection – listening deeply and engaging teams to navigate uncertainty, overcome resistance, and resolve challenges at the source.

I call Cristina “Lady Liberty” to salute her trademark intellectual freedom and courage. She is a thinking partner who sees inspiring possibilities in any situation, receiving and building on inconvenient truths to lead from a place of integrity and alignment. She is appreciated for her ability to simplify complex decisions. When she articulates each part in relation to the whole, she brings understanding to important decisions, inviting teams to make collective decisions that make sense, and take collaborative action with clarity and confidence. Yeehaa!

Cristina was born in the United States, raised in Latin America, and has been living over a decade in Europe (you will see she has a pragmatic approach that is both nuanced and direct!). She is a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. She is also a dual certified coach through ICF and Immunity To Change.  She advises clients locally and globally in English, Spanish, and French.


by Cristina

Philippe is a former Sales Director for a large financial group. He brings his managerial experience leading people from vision to action. I see how Philippe creates shared understanding among teams – finding what is deeply common behind apparent differences. When he transforms abstract ideas into concrete actions in service of common goals, he is like the “Big Bang Theory”, creating something out of nothing, guiding teams to collective action that is desirable, feasible, and worthwhile. 

I see Philippe bring out what is best in each person, leading and organizing from a place of authenticity and inclusion. He is appreciated for his ability to always see a 3rd option and has a real talent for federating and aligning diverse and complex teams. He is an expert in leadership, playing to individual strengths, and guiding teams to strong collective decisions – the precursor to collective action. Yeehaa!

Philippe is Belgian , solidly anchored in the different cultures of his country, enthusiastically collaborating  in Nederlands, French, English, and German. In addition to a Masters in Communication from UC Louvain, an Executive Masters in Management from Solvay, and a Postgraduate Degree in Sales Management from ICHEC,  he is certified in Design Thinking by MIT, in Coaching by ICF, and much more.