Design your collaboration

We co-create collaborative performance and readiness to act


Why We Exist

We are convinced that sustained engagement and performance is the result of systematically nurturing individual and team readiness to learn, collaborate, and act. At Yeehaa!, we create the space to deliberately  strengthen these three key behaviors.

“Engaged employees are more attentive and vigilant. They seek out the needs of their colleagues and their company, because they personally own the results of their work and that of their organization. The relationship between engagement and performance… is substantial and highly generalizable across organizations.”

Jim Harter, Chief Scientist at Gallup Research, 2016
The Relationship between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes
339 research studies across 230 organizations in 49 industries, with employees in 73 countries

Our Mission

Yeehaa! Collaborative Consulting is a management consulting boutique specialized in co-creating individual and team readiness to  act. We use a design thinking approach to address needs, engagement, and performance together, at the source. 

We are two former corporate directors: experts in management, strategy, innovation, and leadership. We are also certified coaches, uniting these complementary disciplines into a single collaborative approach.

We advise, coach, facilitate, and train managers and teams seeking stronger engagement and performance. We do this by designing collaborative learning and action into your business context.  

We make a difference by integrating what you work on with how you work together: aligning goals and very next steps, co-creating a shared and measurable path forward, uncovering blind spots, and training the skills to mutually support each other’s success.

By empowering you to take more collective action, we transform individual contributions into collaborative performance.